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( Warfront )

[ Bengali Play with English supertitles ]


Director’s Biography

Mala Chakraborty has been deeply involved with Theater for over a decade. She has been trained in acting under stalwarts like Yog Japee, Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, Seema Mukhopadhyay, Kaizaad Kotwal, and Bimal Chakraborty. She started her theatrical career in Chennai performing regularly in English theater under the direction of Yog Japee. In 2009 she moved to Mumbai and joined Poor Box Production where she performed under the tutelage of Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal and Kaizaad Kotwal. She joined Rangrup in 2011 and started her acting career in Bengali theater with a performance in Adhara Madhuri. Over the next few years she performed as a regular member of Rangroop.  Her portrayal of Parna in Neel Ronger Ghora, one of the finest productions by Rangrup, brought her to the limelight and won critical acclaim. Unfortunately, her acting career in India abruptly came to a halt when she had to move to USA for family reasons. But theater did not stop for her. In Michigan she joined Red Bud Productions, and has worked at PTD productions, where she has been exposed to American Theater. Currently she serves as the creative director of Michigan Literary and Theatrical Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote Indian theater to the American community at large.




Script: Biswadip Chakraborty

 Direction: Mala Chakraborty

Produced by: Michigan Literary and Theatrical Society (MILITS)


Participants (in order of appearance)


Joydeb Bose as Sajid

Mala Chakraborty as Roma

Ananda Sen as Prithvi

Shruti Bose as Mandira

Abhijit Biswas as Neelesh






English Translation and Super-titles: Biswadip Chakraborty

Light Design: Badal Das (Kolkata)

Music: Jayanta Mitra (Kolkata)

Set and Prop: Mala Chakraborty

Sound Projection: Subir Roy





The main protagonist Roma Chatterjee is a photo-journalist who covers wars and global strife, and keeps chaos at arm’s length by trapping it in the camera lens, exerting a fierce control over moments of horror by fixing them in time. But the flux of Roma’s own life cannot be manipulated so easily. With Sajid, for the first time she lost someone dear in a strife which she otherwise would have held at a distance. Her relationship with her long-time partner Prithvi is under tension. The tension rises after the visit of Neil, her one time mentor and flame, and his fiancee Mandira. Mandira’s sensibility differs markedly from Roma and the rest, yet her naïve point of view rouses moral ambiguities in Roma’s mind.

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