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SATF 2021 Panel Discussion
7thSATF Diigital Panel Discussion Flyer.jpg

SPOTLIGHT Columbus Inc presents 7th South Asian Theater Festival 2021 [DIGITAL] on September 18 & 19, 2021 (Saturday & Sunday) at 11 AM EST

Coming Live on YouTube and Facebook.


YouTube Channel:

Facebook Page:

In association with Greater Columbus Arts Council, Ohio Arts Council, Theatre Roundtable, and Epic Actors' Workshop - US


Panel Discussion:

As the world changes, has theater evolved with such changing times? What is the artist’s point of view of the practice of art in this changing world?

September 19 at 11 AM EST

Moderator: Joe Bishara, Theater Supervisor, Abbey Theater of Dublin, Dublin, OH, USA



Farley Richmond, Professor, Studies Abroad Program, India, Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia

Dr. Dipan Ray, Founder, Epic Actors Workshop and SATF, NJ

Sudipto Chatterjee, Scholar, Actor, Director, Professor, Playwright, and Poet

Arijit Sur - Chairman, Spotlight Columbus Inc, and SATF Columbus, OH

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