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SPOTLIGHT ( is a Performing Art Organization whose primary mission is to organize, promote and participate in high-quality Multilingual Theater art, Stage Drama and Musical Drama, as well as to provide a platform for an expert panel discussion on theater art. Our Theatre and Drama productions are always aimed at addressing relevant social issues. Paramount to our mission is generating a locus of cultural exchange in Franklin County and Greater Columbus area. We emphasize collaborations among diverse community artists to engage, educate, and showcase the vibrancy of South Asian culture. We act as an advocate for marginalized voices by creating opportunities for non-English playwrights, speakers, and performers to be heard in the Midwest. Additionally, the introduction of school, college and university students to South Asian Theatre has also become a prime focus for SPOTLIGHT. We believe this enriches the community and engages diverse community members toward a common goal. Equally important to our mission is to facilitate quality discussions between theater art experts and audiences to help contextualize and offer insight into the cultural themes and practices at play in South Asian theater art.

The three broad goals of the SPOTLIGHT are:
1. Promotion of Theatre Arts in Greater Columbus and Franklin County Area
2. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion in Central Ohio through our year-long programming.
3. Addressing Social Issues through Theatre and Panel discussions

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